Rubbermaid is a well-known brand that produces a wide range of high-quality products for various needs. One of their popular products is the Rubbermaid Step-On Waste Container. This waste container is made of durable plastic and has a 12-gallon capacity. It features a step-on pedal for hands-free opening and a tight-fitting lid for odor control.

Another product from Rubbermaid is the Untouchable Half-Round Container. With a capacity of 21 gallons, this container is perfect for high-traffic areas. It is designed with a sleek and modern look, while also being sturdy and durable. The dimensions of 53.3L X 27.9W X 71.1H make it ideal for tight spaces.

For those in need of an accessible toilet option, Rubbermaid offers the Carex E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat With Padded Armrests. This raised toilet seat provides extra support and comfort, making it easier for individuals with mobility issues to use the bathroom. The padded armrests are an added feature that provides stability and security.

When it comes to keeping beverages cool, the Rubbermaid 5 Gallon Water Cooler is an excellent choice. This water cooler has a vibrant orange color that stands out, making it easy to locate at outdoor events or job sites. It has a sturdy handle for easy transportation and a leak-resistant lid to prevent spills.

For floor cleaning, the Rubbermaid Ratchet Twist Mop is a popular option. It features a self-wringing mechanism that allows for easy wringing without the need for bending over. The blended yarn head is highly absorbent and effective in picking up dirt and grime. The 56" handle provides a comfortable grip and allows for easy maneuverability.

Rubbermaid is also known for its commercial cleaning products, such as the Rubbermaid Commercial Pulse Caddy With Clean Connect. This caddy is designed for efficient and organized cleaning. It can hold up to 32 ounces of cleaning solution, making it perfect for larger cleaning tasks. The Clean Connect feature allows for quick and easy attachment of cleaning tools.

In addition to cleaning accessories, Rubbermaid also offers bucket and wringer combos like the Rubbermaid Wavebrake 2.0 Bucket/Wringer Combo. This combo features a durable bucket with a built-in wringer that effectively minimizes splashing. The Wavebrake technology ensures that water stays inside the bucket, reducing the chance of slippery floors.

Lastly, Rubbermaid's Brute Round Buckets are reliable and durable. Available in different weights and sizes, these buckets are suitable for various purposes. Whether it's for cleaning, storage, or transporting items, Rubbermaid's round buckets are designed to withstand heavy-duty use.

With their diverse range of products, Rubbermaid continues to be a trusted brand for individuals and businesses seeking high-quality and reliable solutions.
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