Xstamper is a reputable brand that specializes in producing high-quality stamps and stamping accessories. Their range of products includes the Xstamper Name Badge Magnetic Fastener, which is perfect for attaching name badges securely. This magnetic fastener ensures that your name badge stays in place, even during busy events or activities.

Another popular product from Xstamper is the Xstamper Self-Inking Micro Message Dater. This stamp is a handy tool for businesses and individuals who need to mark documents with important dates and messages. With options such as "Rec'd, Ent'd, Ans'd, Paid, Shipped, Charged, Cancelled," this stamp allows you to efficiently mark and organize your documents.

For faxed documents, the Xstamper Pre-Inked Faxed Title Stamp is an essential tool. This stamp clearly indicates that a document has been faxed, making it easy to keep track of important communication. With its pre-inked design, this stamp produces crisp and clear impressions every time.

The Xstamper Vx Pre-Inked Round Stamp is a customizable message stamp that allows you to create your own personalized message. With an impression diameter of 0.87", this stamp is perfect for adding a custom touch to your documents or paperwork.

Xstamper also offers a range of address and inspection stamps. The Xstamper Small Address/Inspection Stamp is a customizable stamp that allows you to create your own message. With an impression width of 0.50" and an impression length of 1.06", this stamp is suitable for adding addresses or inspection details to a variety of surfaces.

For those who need a larger stamp, the Xstamper Xtra Large Custom Stamp is a great option. With an impressive impression width of 1.19" and an impression length of 3.12", this stamp allows you to create custom messages easily. Made from recycled materials, this stamp is also environmentally friendly.

The Xstamper Inspection Stamp is a compact stamp with a 0.37" impression diameter. This customizable stamp is perfect for marking items with inspection details or codes. It is durable and offers a clear and consistent impression every time.

Lastly, the Xstamper Round Custom Stamp is a versatile stamp with a 1" impression diameter. Designed for creating custom messages, this stamp can be used on various surfaces and materials. Made from recycled plastic, it is also a sustainable choice.

In conclusion, Xstamper offers a wide range of high-quality stamps and stamping accessories. From name badge fasteners to customizable message stamps, their products are designed to help individuals and businesses efficiently mark and organize their documents. With durable construction and clear impressions, Xstamper products are a reliable choice for all your stamping needs.
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