Glowear is a brand that specializes in producing high-quality safety vests for various industries. One of their popular products is the Glowear 8205Hl S/M Lime Type R Class 2 Super Econo Mesh Vest. This vest is designed to provide maximum visibility with its lime color and reflective stripes. It is made with super econo mesh fabric, which is breathable and lightweight, ensuring comfort during long hours of work. With its class 2 rating, it meets the ANSI/ISEA standards for high-visibility apparel.

Another popular option is the Ergodyne Glowear 8310Hl Type R Class 3 Economy Mesh Vest, available in sizes 2X-Large to 3X-Large. This vest provides even higher visibility with its class 3 rating, making it suitable for low-light conditions or hazardous work environments. It is made with economy mesh fabric, which provides durability and breathability. The lime color and reflective stripes ensure that the wearer remains visible at all times.

For those in need of a two-tone safety vest, Glowear offers the Class 2 Two-Tone Orange and Lime Vests. These vests combine the high visibility of lime or orange with contrasting colors to create a unique and eye-catching appearance. They are made with durable materials and feature a zippered closure for a secure and comfortable fit.

Glowear also offers the 8249Z Type R Class 2 Economy Surveyors Vest, recommended for construction and baggage handling. Available in various sizes, this vest provides ample storage with its pockets and is equipped with a mic tab for convenience. It is made with polyester and polyester mesh, offering breathability and durability. The lime color and reflective features ensure visibility in any work environment.

In addition to construction and baggage handling, Glowear's 8249Z Type R Class 2 Economy Surveyors Vest is also recommended for tablet and notebook use. Its extra-small size and orange color make it suitable for professionals who need to keep their devices easily accessible while maintaining high visibility. This vest is also machine washable, ensuring easy maintenance.

Lastly, Glowear offers the 8220Z Type R Class 2 Standard Mesh Vest, available in sizes 4-Xtra Large/5-Xtra Large. This vest features a zippered closure and is made with mesh fabric and polyester mesh, providing breathability and comfort. It has pockets for storing essentials and a mic tab for easy communication. The orange color and reflective stripes ensure visibility in any work environment.

Overall, Glowear offers a wide range of safety vests suitable for various industries. Their vests provide high visibility, durability, and comfort for workers who require safety apparel. Whether you are in construction, baggage handling, or any other field that requires visibility, Glowear has a vest to meet your needs.
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