Dart is a distinguished brand renowned for its comprehensive range of high-quality disposable cup solutions designed to cater to various beverage needs—ranging from cold drinks to hot beverages such as tea, coffee, and even hot chocolate. Among Dart's notable offerings are the Conex® Galaxy® Polystyrene Plastic Cold Cups, crafted with precision from durable plastic materials, guaranteeing a reliable and convenient experience for users. These cups are available in an array of sizes and pack options, ensuring there is a fit for every need, whether for small gatherings or large events.

One of Dart’s standout features is the variety in packaging units available to customers. With options ranging from a case of 2,500 for bustling commercial settings to more manageable cartons of 25 for intimate gatherings, Dart makes sure that businesses of all scales are well-accommodated. The Conex® Galaxy® cups are a testament to Dart's commitment to providing versatile solutions, available in cases of 750 and 500, ensuring that customers have access to quality cups in quantities that match their specific requirements.

For those prioritizing crystal-clear quality in their cup selection, Dart’s Ultra Clear™ PET Cups emerge as the premium choice. These cups are offered in packs catering to different volume needs, including 12-14 oz. and 16-18 oz., ensuring that whether it's a medium-sized iced latte or a larger refreshing iced tea, there's a Dart Ultra Clear™ cup perfect for the occasion. Each pack is thoughtfully compiled, keeping practicality in mind, with options such as a pack of 50 or sleeves of 25, ideal for both small businesses and home use.

Moreover, Dart’s range isn't limited to cold beverages alone. The brand also offers small drink cups designed for hot drinks, highlighting the versatility and depth of their product line. These foam cups, available in packs of 25, are particularly suited for serving warm beverages like coffee, hot chocolate, and tea, providing a comfortable and secure holding experience for the consumer.

Dart’s commitment to quality and versatility makes it a leading choice for disposable cup solutions. Whether you’re in the market for sturdy polystyrene cups for cold refreshments or clear PET cups for a visually appealing drink presentation, Dart’s comprehensive line-up is engineered to meet diverse beverage needs while ensuring convenience, reliability, and satisfaction.
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