Integra is a well-known brand that produces a wide range of high-quality writing instruments and markers. One of their popular products is the Integra Bullet Tip Dry-Erase Whiteboard Markers, which come in an assorted barrel and ink color pack of four markers. These markers are perfect for use on whiteboards, offering a vibrant and bold color that is easily erasable.

Another great option from Integra is the Integra Permanent Chisel Markers, available in a pack of twelve with a black point style. These markers are designed to create bold, permanent lines on various surfaces, making them ideal for labeling, creating signs, or any other permanent marking needs.

For those in need of dry erase markers, the Integra Dry Erase Markers are a fantastic choice. These markers have a bullet tip and come in a pack of twelve. With an alcohol-based black ink and a black barrel, they provide a smooth and consistent writing experience. These dry erase markers are perfect for classrooms, offices, or home use.

Integra also offers Chisel Point Dry-Erase Markers in both blue and assorted colors. These markers feature a chisel marker point style and are sold in packs of twelve. The blue markers are ideal for creating clear and precise lines, while the assorted colors option adds a fun and creative touch to any whiteboard or dry erase surface.

In addition to markers, Integra produces Permanent Fine Point Markers, which come in a pack of twelve with a black color. These permanent markers feature a fine tip that allows for precise and detailed writing or drawing. Whether you need to label items or create permanent designs, these markers are a reliable choice.

For those who prefer retractable gel pens, Integra offers a pack of twelve pens in a fine point size with a blue barrel and blue ink. These pens provide smooth and effortless writing experience with quick-drying ink that prevents smudging. They are perfect for everyday writing tasks, note-taking, or any other writing needs.

In conclusion, Integra is a trusted brand that produces an array of reliable and high-quality writing instruments. From their bullet tip dry-erase whiteboard markers to their permanent chisel markers and retractable gel pens, Integra offers a diverse selection of products to meet various writing and marking needs. Whether you need something for the office, classroom, or home, Integra is a brand worth considering for all your writing instrument needs.
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