Business Source

Business Source is a reputable brand that offers a wide range of office products designed to meet your daily business needs. Among their popular products is the Business Source Invisible Tape. This tape comes in a refillable design with a 1" core and measures 1/2" X 1296". It is clear and provides a strong adhesive that is perfect for securing documents, sealing envelopes, or any other task that requires an invisible tape.

Another staple product from Business Source is their Adhesive Notes. These notes come in a pack of 5 and are ruled with 100 sheets each. They are ideal for jotting down quick reminders, leaving messages, or organizing your thoughts. The adhesive backing ensures that they will stick to any surface without leaving any residue when removed.

For an organized and professional presentation of your documents, the Business Source Paper 2 Pocket Folder is a must-have. This folder comes in a sleek blue color and features two pockets to store and organize your important papers. It is perfect for business meetings, presentations, or simply keeping your paperwork in order.

To keep your business cards neatly arranged and easily accessible, the Business Source Business Card Holder is the perfect solution. This durable holder provides a convenient way to store your business cards and keep them organized. Its compact size makes it ideal for carrying in your briefcase or pocket, ensuring that you always have your cards on hand.

When it comes to organizing your files, the Business Source Index Dividers are an essential tool. These dividers come in an 8-tab design and are made of sturdy poly material with a convenient pocket. They are available in assorted colors, allowing you to color-coordinate your files for easy identification and retrieval.

For all your accounting needs, Business Source offers the 150' Adding Machine Rolls. These rolls are 2 1/4" X 150 ft in size and come in a pack of 12. They are made of lint-free paper and are sustainably sourced with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certification. Their high-quality construction ensures that they provide a smooth and reliable performance with minimal printer jams.

When it comes to report covers, Business Source has you covered. Their Letter Recycled Report Covers come in vibrant colors such as bright red and light blue. Each pack contains 10 covers, and they are made with 10% recycled materials, contributing to a more sustainable environment. These covers provide a professional and durable solution for protecting and presenting your reports.

For efficient filing, the Business Source Watershed 1/3 Tab Cut Letter Recycled Top Tab File Folder is an excellent choice. These folders come in a box of 50 and are designed to accommodate letter-sized documents. The top tab position and assorted tab position options make it easy to organize and locate your files. Made with 30% recycled materials, these file folders also contribute to a greener planet.

Ensure premium print quality with the Business Source Premium Multipurpose Copy Paper. This paper boasts a 92 brightness level and has a letter size of 8 1/2" X 11". With a 20 lb basis weight and acid-free composition, this copy paper is perfect for everyday printing needs. Available in pallet quantities of 200,000 sheets, it is an affordable and reliable option for high-volume printing.

Lastly, the Business Source View 3-Ring Binder is a practical solution for keeping your documents organized. With 1/2" round rings, this black binder can accommodate a significant amount of paper. Its sturdy construction ensures that your documents remain secure and protected. The clear view feature allows you to easily customize the front cover, making it ideal for presentations or branding purposes.

In summary, Business Source is a trusted brand that produces a diverse range of office products. Their Invisible Tape, Adhesive Notes, Paper 2 Pocket Folder, Business Card Holder, Index Dividers, Adding Machine Rolls, Letter Recycled Report Cover, File Folders, Copy Paper, and View 3-Ring Binder are all thoughtfully designed to enhance productivity and organization in your office or business.
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