Sealed Air

In today’s fast-moving world, where the efficiency and safety of mailed items can't be compromised, Sealed Air emerges as a paramount player, offering an extensive suite of packaging solutions designed to meet diverse shipping needs. The brand has become synonymous with reliability and innovation, crafting products that ensure items reach their destination securely, no matter the distance or conditions they may encounter along the way.

At the forefront of Sealed Air's product lineup are the Sealed Air Jiffy Padded Mailers. Crafted from natural Kraft, these mailers boast a robust fold-over closure mechanism, ensuring that contents are snugly secured within a padded embrace. Available in dimensions of 6 X 10 and packaged in cartons of 250, they embody both efficiency and eco-consciousness, making them a go-to choice for businesses and individuals alike.

For those seeking a more resilient mailing solution, the Sealed Air Tuffgard Premium Cushioned Mailers offer an unbeatable blend of protection and durability. The bubble-lining of the #0 mailers, available in a pristine white finish and sized at 6" Width X 10" Length, provides a safeguard against the jolts and jostles of transit. The hassle-free peel & seal closure adds to the convenience, available in cartons of 25, these mailers are an asset for sending sensitive items confidently.

When it comes to versatility, the Sealed Air Ready-To-Roll Bubble Packing Material and Sealed Air Bubble Wrap Multi-Purpose Material are unmatched. With dimensions of 12" X 65' and 12" Width X 250 Ft Length respectively, these solutions cater to a broad array of packing needs. The 0.2" bubble size ensures lightweight yet effective protection, and with features such as being perforated and clear, they offer both practicality and ease of use in a roll.

For delicate items, such as CDs and DVDs, the Sealed Air Tuffgard CD/DVD Mailers present a specialized option. At a size of 7 1/4" X 8" and packaged in a convenient white pack of 25, these mailers are designed to cushion and protect valuable media during shipping.

Moreover, the Sealed Air Jiffy Self-Seal Padded Mailers and Sealed Air Jiffy Tuffgard Extreme Bubble Cushioned Mailers reaffirm the brand’s commitment to offering diverse mailing solutions. The former, in a size #5 (10 1/2" X 16") and bathed in a satin gold finish, offers an elegant and secure means of mailing, provided in a pack of 25. The latter, sized #2 (8 1/2" X 12") and available in a box of 50, promises extreme cushioning for those items requiring an added level of protection, underscored by their pristine white exterior.

Sealed Air's repertoire extends into the Sealed Air Jiffylite Cellular Cushioned Mailers, a testament to the brand's ongoing innovation and dedication to quality. These mailers provide a lightweight, yet robust barrier against damage, further highlighting the versatility and breadth of Sealed Air’s product range.

From everyday mailing needs to the specific demands of shipping delicate items, Sealed Air stands as a beacon of reliability and excellence. With a product offering that spans padded mailers, bubble wraps, and specialized cushioned mailers, this brand ensures that whether for personal or professional use, your items are in safe hands.
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