For those in the market for premier office supplies, Oic stands out as a brand that combines quality, durability, and environmental consciousness in its range of products. Catering to a vast array of office needs, Oic's product lineup ensures that every workplace operates smoothly and efficiently.

Starting with the essentials, Oic's Wholesale Paper Fasteners, specifically the Officemate Oic Round Head Fasteners Oic99816, bring reliability to document handling. These fasteners are perfect for keeping papers secure, offering both functionality and ease of use. Then, there's the indispensable Oic Binder Clips. Available in a variety of sizes, including medium (1 1/4") and small (3/4"), these clips are robust, ensuring that your documents are held firmly together without causing damage.

Safety and precision in the office are paramount, and the Oic Single-Sided Razor Blade Carton Cutters, available in a pack of twelve, are a testament to that. These silver carton cutters are designed for easy handling, ensuring a clean cut every time, which makes them a favorite among those who demand efficiency and safety in their cutting tasks.

Furthermore, Oic's range of Self-Adhesive Fasteners, with a 2" capacity and available in a box of 100, boast an innovative design, making document filing quicker and easier. This is a boon for busy offices looking to streamline their paperwork processes. Additionally, organization is made simple with Oic Plastic Supply Baskets. Small in size but big on practicality, these baskets are composed of 30% recycled material, showing Oic's commitment to environmental sustainability. A pack consists of three black baskets, ideal for keeping your office supplies neatly stored.

For those who appreciate the value of traditional tools in a modern workspace, the Oic Metallic Aluminum Handheld Pencil Sharpeners, in a pack of four, offer unmatched durability and efficiency, ensuring your pencils are always sharp. Moreover, the brand's dedication to providing solutions for heavyweight tasks is evident in its Heavy-Duty 2-Hole Punch. Designed to stand the test of time, this black punch is a workspace essential for preparing documents for filing.

Lastly, Oic demonstrates its eco-friendly ethos with the 100% Recycled Hardboard Clipboard, in a letter size measuring 9" X 12 1/2". This clipboard is not only durable but also kind to the planet, making it a must-have for those who value sustainability in their office supplies.

In conclusion, Oic products, from their binder clips to the eco-conscious hardboard clipboard, embody quality, durability, and a commitment to sustainability. Whether you're organizing documents, cutting through packaging, or keeping your writing instruments sharp, Oic has you covered with its comprehensive range of office essentials, ensuring your workplace is both productive and eco-friendly.
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